About Us

RAGEPATH is a nonprofit and nonpartisan center of strategic research shedding light on the wrongdoings of those in power. We believe that Donald Trump and his business enterprises were poorly vetted on a “nuts and bolts” level before the 2016 election. Even today, many important details about Trump’s businesses have not been clearly shared with the public.

Our goal is to empower you by providing access to important facts about Donald Trump, his collaborators, business interests, and foreign ties. Whether you support or oppose Trump, you will be surprised at how much you don’t know. We believe that truth has power. Facts cannot be ignored forever.

RAGEPATH was founded by Geoffrey Andersen, a long-time investigative researcher. While Geoff has worked on many Democratic campaigns, RAGEPATH is not affiliated with any political party. It focuses on those members of the elite using politics to enrich themselves and advance corrupt interests over those of the American people, whatever their party.

We have pursued investigations into serious corruption by Democratic officials. We oppose all forms of abuse and corruption by public officials. We proudly consider ourselves members of “the Resistance” to the anti-democratic forces presently attacking the foundational norms of our democratic republic.

RAGEPATH does not advocate the election or defeat of any candidate or any specific legislative outcome. RAGEPATH relies on support from the public, including the donation of skills and labor from experienced teams of talented professionals. We refuse donations from contributors who seek to control or constrain our investigations. This makes public support all the more important for the continuation of our mission. Please consider making a small contribution to support our efforts.

RAGEPATH is an investigation sponsored by the Public Research & Education Project, a registered 501(c)(4) nonprofit. We had to pick an official name with a shorter title, because “Research Against Government Excess by Politicians with Acquisitive Tiny Hands” was too long for the required forms. But PREP and RAGEPATH are basically the same thing, and at this point, Geoffrey Andersen is the closest thing we have to a full-time staffer.