Ethnic Nationalism and Economic Growth

Trump’s close relationship with ethnic nationalists is one of the most unusual features of his political agenda. Barrels of ink have already been spilled on the topic, and I don’t really have the time or energy to rehash the whole story at the moment.  Instead, I want to flag something very specific that I find deeply troubling.

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Fed Plans to Expand Airport to Increase Deportations

I just got an interesting tip from a supporter in the Midwest.

Local officials in Kankakee, Illinois are preparing for a program to expand the local airport’s runway to accommodate increased levels of deportation. A local blog – the Edgar County Watchdogs – has posted video of the local airport’s board meeting with a state representative to discuss the project. (Click here to watch.) The board discusses “the ICE Project” which would upgrade the airport’s capacity to handle larger airplanes used by a private company that carries out deportations. The airport expansion would be financed 90% by the federal government, 5% by the state government, and 5% by the local government. IDOT – the Illinois Department of Transportation – is apparently playing a large role.

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Yes, Donald Trump’s Hands are Abnormally Small

People have been mocking Donald Trump’s abnormally small hands for decades. The matter of Trump’s hand-size rose to the level of a full-fledged campaign controversy during the 2016 Presidential campaign. One of Trump’s opponents needled Trump for having small hands. Trump responded by insisting during a televised debate that his hands were not small (a demonstrably false claim) and boasting about the size of his penis (a claim that can only be judged in light of Trump’s overall credibility). The issue continued to bother Trump, prompting an extensive meditation by Trump about his hand size during a meeting with the Washington Post’s editorial board.

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