Welcome to RAGEPATH. We are a nonprofit and nonpartisan investigative research project focused on corruption and wrongdoing by public officials. The main focus of our investigations has been President Trump’s business network – a deeply suspicious network of corporations whose business operations defy normal economic logic. We have also investigated troubling evidence of wrongdoing by other government officials.

If you are here to learn more about our recent series of short video segments, #ThatsATrumpTruth, please check out these pages:

(1) Achtung Donnie: Donald Trump’s cousin (and employee) used to greet him at the office with clicked heels and a cry of “Heil, Hitler!” ( https://ragepath.org/achtung-donny )

(2) Bad Deal: Casino regulators once fined Trump for pulling black employees off the gambling floors to cater to the whims of a racist mobster linked to John Gotti. ( https://ragepath.org/bad-deal )

(3) Dirty Laundry: Not only did Trump’s casino break rules to prevent money laundering. Actual drug dealers used Trump’s casino to launder money. ( https://ragepath.org/dirty-laundry )

(4) Bedtime Story: Donald Trump’s buddy once gave him a book of propaganda speeches written by Adolf Hitler. Trump’s wife claimed he kept the book in a cabinet beside his bed. ( https://ragepath.org/bedtime-story )

RAGEPATH seeks to supplement the work of journalists and law enforcement agencies. Once our investigations show substantial evidence of corruption or wrongdoing, we generally pass our findings on to others who have the resources to get to the bottom of what’s going on and to explain it clearly. We provide support to groups investigating corruption and wrongdoing at local levels of government, without regard to party. Every public official should be vetted and monitored by the citizens they represent. Americans can and should demand integrity and accountability at every level of government.

We are committed to educating the public. We want to teach you, as a citizen, how to find and assess the information needed to uncover corruption in your own community. We also want to share with you our factual findings and the key insights we’ve reached in the course of our research. We are currently working to develop a video series focused on some of the topics we are most often asked to explain.

RAGEPATH relies on public support to carry out our mission. Please consider taking a moment to support us in our efforts. Even very small contributions can go a very long way. As one institution after another fails us, the need for ordinary citizens to band together and do what we can to save the Republic grows more and more intense.