First as Farce, Then as Tragedy

Here at RAGEPATH, we watch a lot of Seinfeld reruns. (And yes, we know Steve Bannon profits every time Seinfeld airs).

We’ve also noticed the Republican Speaker of the House has offered the following defense of Trump: the US President is too stupid and naive to understand that firing the man leading an investigation into wrongdoing by your friends is corrupt.

Donald Trump watches a lot of television. The following Seinfeld episode from 1996 almost exactly mirrors the drama of the Comey investigation. Except, of course, even Elaine backs down when her position gets too ridiculous to maintain…

Elaine: Oh, hey, how are things doing in accounting? 
Accountant: Miss Benes, I notice you've been charging quite a bit of merchandise on the Peterman account.
Elaine: Well, I am the president.
Accountant: Yes, and we're all very impressed. Nevertheless, the expense account is for business purposes only.
Elaine: Well-- Well, isn't the president allowed to do anything that they want? 
Accountant: No.
Accountant: Miss Benes, the hat you charged to the company was sable. This is nutria. 
Elaine: Well, that's a-- It's a kind of sable. 
Accountant: No, it's a kind of rat. 
Elaine: That's a rat hat? 
Accountant: And a poorly made one, even by rat hat standards. I've no choice but to recommended your termination to the board of directors. Nothing short of the approval of Peterman himself will save you this time. 
Elaine: But-- But he's in the Burmese jungle. 
Accountant: And quite mad, too, from what I hear. 
Elaine: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Can I fire you? 
Accountant: No.
(Seinfeld, "The Chicken Roaster", Season 8, Episode 8, 1996)